... I was so surprised by (Zimmet's) sweet, jazzy interpretation of ["Something's Coming"] and her adorable and charming stage manner... she exhibited an aching vulnerability on Annie Lennox’s “Cold,” and showed a flair for humor on Nellie McKay’s “I Wanna Get Married.” Zimmet’s gig was more engaging and entertaining than some shows I’ve seen this year from more experienced performers. Marya Zimmet had come through her debut cabaret show looking very good indeed. In fact, pretty much everything felt right.  ” - Stephen Hanks

Times Square Chronicles

...Zimmet’s clear, warm voice can cover a wide range and various styles. She has a truly lovely, very tight vibrato and a beautiful clarity to her upper notes . . .She has an understated, yet intoxicating, charm. She’s low key, but witty, bright and funny. ” - Harold Sanditon

Cabaret Scenes

What a pleasurable evening! A lively cabaret show, with the emphasis on jazz, sung by Marya Zimmet, a gifted song stylist, worthy of much attention.  She treated each song with feeling and communicated infectiously to her audience. An evening of great jazz and Marya Zimmet’s intimacy with the audience makes this a must-see show.   ” - Edie Stokes

— Time Square Chronicles